Advantages of Offshore Development Team:
~ Customer can save themselves from bearing the recruitment costs, retention costs, fringe benefits, promotion, infrastructure costs, training costs, etc.
~ Customer can hire software programmers for long term commitment fixed cost monthly basis.
~ Have Dedicated resources of various expert levels and technology skills. Developer/programmer just working for you, as your own employee.
~ UMANG team consists of a large pool of skilled and experienced developers. You can interview the programmer(s) and select the best.
~ Customer won’t be charged for any hidden costs involved, so you can save yourself from towering maintenance and taxes too.
~ The programmers can also be deployed for support and end-client problem solving. UMANG team guarantees best communication with customers and excellent english speaking resources.
~ Customer's project code can be shared with our resources or alternatively they can also work remotely on customer's system in project where data security is important.
~ The programmers are always available during work hours on Emails, Skype and Phone.

Hiring Model:
Full-time Hiring:
~ Our Programmers will work on Full-time basis (176-192 hours per month/22-24 days per month)
~ Fixed monthly rate
~ Minimum period of hiring: 3 months
~ Billing cycle: Monthly

Hourly Hiring:
~ Our Programmers will work on an hourly basis
~ Fixed Hourly rate
~ Minimum period of hiring: 100 hours per month
~ Billing cycle: Weekly Advance