Work References


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  2. Business and Government Administration system for United Kingdom.
  3. Veterinary Clinical Software in the United States of America.
  4. Marine research software for the United Nations FAO Dept, executed by Norwegian Institute.
  5. Cost and Area Estimation Software for architects and construction industry in Netherlands.
  6. System Power Management software for Cyprus.
  7. Software for Diamond Cutting industry from Belgium.
  8. Web Application Enhancements for Online E-Book Stores in Venezuela.
  9. Time and Leave Management Application for a Norwegian Company.
  10. Point of Sales System for a LiveStock Industry in Bahrain.
  11. Distribution Management system for the FMCG sector in Indonesia.
  12. Service Call Management system for service industry in India.
  13. Software for Structural Design Company(aeronautics, military, medical) in the United States of America
  14. Mobile Apps for branding company in Brazil.
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  24. Food ordering and delivery App based system in India.
  25. Interview Management System for a Recruitment and HR consultancy in India.
  26. Visual Catalog Tablet system for jewelry, hardware, apparel stores in India.


  1. Smart card based Medical system and GPS Parking solutions for a client in Kenya.
  2. Business Process Management software for a client in Colombia.
  3. Fleet Management System Application for a Fuel/ Oil Refinery in South Africa.
  4. Project Management Tool for a Oil industry in the Middle East.
  5. Resource Management System for Incubation Centre in India
  6. Enquiry Management System for a Travel Company in India.