We concentrate on Quality, Communication, Documentations, Transparency and Effective Project Management for Best Results. We have clients from different regions, language, culture and large time differences with whom we have written many success stories.

Why choose UMANG? What makes UMANG different…

Customer Centric Company

customer-centricWe, the management and the employees at UMANG, are driven by one goal – customer delight ..not just customer satisfaction! We are natural partners and with our working style we have conquered the cultural, linguistic, geographical and time zone barriers and thus redefined software outsourcing. We at UMANG treat any outsourcing contract, big or small, as a relationship and put in a little extra efforts to nurture that relationship and to provide our clients something which they haven’t asked..something which makes them happy.

Success by Protocol

success-by-protocolWe attribute our success – quality and timely deliveries and in turn happy clients to the protocols and standards we have in place. We have set coding, testing and documentation standards which we comply by. We are also open to any new standards and protocols which are followed at our clients side. Incase the clients want us to set some standards and processes in place, we do it as well.
Quality has become a habit and we make sure we build a team of quality programmers because it is the quality of programmers which finally decides the quality of a project.We have multiple levels of selection process while recruiting our programmers where we judge technical knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills, listening skills , leadership qualities and attitude of the candidates. This combined with the rigorous training related to technologies and protocols, provided to our programmers produces the best programmers we provide to our clients.

Transparency in Workflow

workflowRight from the project requirement understanding to the project delivery, We make sure the progress card of your project is infront of you ! We believe that Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. We use portals like MS Sharepoint, where a client can monitor and understand the project status.

Employee Oriented Organization

employee-orientedUmang is an employee oriented company unlike other Indian companies which are employer oriented. We give utmost importance to employee satisfaction by focussing on their career growth and work-life balance. This results in long term commitment from our employees towards our company. This approach of Umang solves one of the main concerns which clients have about outsourcing to Indian companies i.e. the frequent change in programmers working on their projects due to job hopping of programmers. Change in programmers from a project results in extra efforts for training, knowledge transfer and code understanding.

Innovative Minds

innovative-mindInnovation is the very means of our existence. Simplicity in complexity is what defines the innovation to us!! Memory leak detector for the developers community, digitization of paper drawings for construction industry, Our product Kitchen Order Pad to add speed to placing an order and reduce the movement of attendants in restaurant are just a few to name. Being proactive and having the will to learn and grow gives us the motivation to be innovative.

Western Touch & Culture

western touchGoa was a Portuguese province for 450 years, until 1961. This has left a western touch to the Goan lifestyle and attitude. Another factor which makes Goans friendly and open to different cultures and people is that Goa is a tourist destination and thousands of tourists from different parts of the world visit Goa every year. As a result of this Goan people have a good hold over communication skills, which is the most important factor in any business relationship.