Digital technology is transforming a lot of industries and the transportation and logistics industry feature in this too. Transportation is an industry experiencing rapid change due to atomization, digitalization and new business models. From traffic coordinators at carriers, shipping clerks for manufacturers, to invoice processing analysis’s firms, have all experienced the benefits of this digital evolution both in personal and professional lives. It is also an industry with the potential to transform our cities and the society we live in which is possible with the help of modern technology.

Software plays an important role when it comes to transportation and logistics. They assist a company in controlling the day to day processes involved in transportation of their goods. These critical systems have made a real time execution and information retrieval more mainstream and much easier when it comes to supply chain and logistics.

With the help of innovative technology, the real time vehicle tracking is also possible, true transport cost; auto pick-up, proper insurance and freight accounting built to your custom specifications, you and your customer are empowered to know exactly how much the freight will cost and when the freight will arrive at its destination through automatic notification

Fleet management technology, can help you ascertain an estimate of fuel consumption by the vehicles in your fleet. The technology also shares with you miles travelled by a vehicle and keeps a record of fuel consumed. It also automatically notifies you on vehicle maintenance and eventually increases its life span. The technology comes with an alert system. This automatically alerts the staff about their shift timing/assigned work. With this late reporting and other such loopholes can be surpassed.

Modern technology also helps you to obtain better information which will help you to create new opportunity, innovate supply chain processes and achieve greater financial success. With the help of this information, you can track the growth rate of your business and accountability, which can help you make a better decision in coming days.

UMANG provides you with an opportunity to develop a pioneering software which will surely help you to drive efficiency, eliminate waste, and most importantly helps save money in your transportation business.