Focus to ‘Satisfy Customers’
Umang Software has for the last 4 years worked with the development of the our marine software used at our Norwegian Research Institute and distributed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation to cooperating partner countries. The software is a highly specialized suite of database tools used during fisheries research surveys in development countries. There has been a strong focus on ease of use for our partners during the development phase. The software was originally an inhouse development but has been enhanced further by the cooperation with UMANG software.
The development of the software has required a close cooperation with our scientists and interactions with users. Something UMANG software has solved to our full satisfaction. UMANG software has delivered the required product timely and to our specifications showing an understanding and attention for the, user’s needs. This has been greatly appreciated in the development phase.
~ Sr. Scientist/ Project Responsible
Research Institute, Norway

‘Quality’ beyond the eye
Umang Software Technologies was the first offshore software developing company, that fully understood the benefits of executing a pilot, for us the principal, as a decision making tool in the off shoring selection process. The Technical Director is a key player in our partnership, committed to fair business and quality in work for his own staff as well as ours. Our recommendation will be your benefit.
~ General manager/ Owner
Construction Industry, Netherlands

Breaking the ‘Language’ Barrier
We were not sure if outsourcing our project to Umang Software would be a right decision because of the language and time differences. We speak Spanish and we are 10 hours behind India time. But as we progressed through the project discussions, we had a lot of voice chats and got to understand each other’s style of working. What we realised was that, Umang focusses so much on clear communication, which made our project execution so much easier. Language and time never came in between our project. This along with an enthusiatic, qualified and skilled team made a great combination to execute our project and we already are in discussions to start our next project.
~ Chief Technical Officer
E-Book Store, Venezuela

Customised and Dedicated Team
I appreciate everyone’s part and dedication to the team. We have a unique team model (In house and Overseas) programming in a synchronised environment. My dedicated team at UMANG knows its roles and responsibilities, and this helps me concentrate on business development and planning. UMANG, You are my team.
~ President/ CEO
Medical & Pharma Industry, USA

Cutting the ‘Domain’ through
Umang Software was our choice for outsourcing Delphi development because of their Delphi expertise. The project domain – diamond cutting with laser technology required an indepth understanding. The team of Umang Software have done a very good job on our software. Right from collecting the requirements, understanding, development, documentation, testing and deployment the team displayed a high level of professional behaviour and attitude.
~ Production Manager
Diamond Cutting Industry, Gujarat India

Meeting the ‘Deadline’
Umang team has delivered the software within 2 weeks which we know was a very strict timeline, without any compromise in the quality of the software. Even with a time difference of four and half hours, communication with this team was never a problem, we always got excellent support. To sum it all, a very well documented , top quality delivery. Way to go Team Umang !
~ Designer/ Owner
Creative Design Company, Australia

Receiving desired ‘Support’
We have always had excellent services and post delivery/deployment support from your team.
~ Project Manager
Web Portal and Branding Company, Canada

Support upon ‘Delivery’
I would like to thank you for tasking your programmer to assist with the upgrade of my software . She really did a fantastic job of sorting out the installation problem and converting the format of my data. It is so good to have such support.
~ End User of our Software
Capetown, South Africa