Some characteristics we value in people are passion for work, honesty, creativity, loyalty and hardwork. If you are willing to take new challenges, implement new ideas and learn and grow along with a growing company… career at UMANG would be the right place for you.
Pleasant nature and ability to learn: Yes we like your attitude but if that means being rude or egoistic and too mullish to learn, we would not like to have you. We want someone whom we can teach and grow over time.
By being a part of UMANG, you can work in an environment brimming with the enthusiasm and excitement.

Hear from our team… what is life at UMANG, work at UMANG, fun at UMANG and Career at UMANG!

At UMANG you can expect:-

  • ~ An exposure to best business practices
  • ~ Exposure to new challenges which demand innovation and creativity
  • ~ Opportunities across diverse business and technology domains
  • ~ Opportunities across various stages of the system development life cycle (SDLC)
  • ~ Opportunities to work across diverse aspects of software development such as architecture designing, programming and testing
  • ~ An open door and friendly approach where hierarchies do not matter.
  • ~ An opportunity to work in teams and a solitary capacity as well.
  • ~ Development of technical, inter-personal and management skills .