Hotel Industry is now days greatly influenced by automation and controlling systems. More guests mean more business transactions, and most small and medium-size organizations tend to use manual handling of transactions such as record keeping and reporting. Even before, the use of manual hotel management has been adopted and applied on daily operations by many companies. The manual administration has always been an option for companies especially for SME’s. But today, this approach is overtaken by technology-powered solutions.


In the modern era, hotel management goes to a new level by embracing modern technologies such as property management for hotels that takes different labels such as hotel management system, hotel software, hotel system, and hotel management software. The primary goal of hotel management software is to take down the disadvantages of the manual handling of hotel operations.

Software’s are design in such a way that will speed up the process thus helps you to retrieve, send, calculate and sync data into the database thus making the processes fast. Software’s are programmed to prevent duplicate entries, wrong data type inputs. Also provides text preservation when accidentally erased thus help you to be way from errors.

With a proper software, managers and owners can better track the type of visitors that usually have and from that data they can see if their business is targeting the right market. In many cases there are many types of hotel users that belongs to a specific department or division, with a reliable software it can promote good collaboration with various departments due to real-time reporting and display status. thus improves the efficiency of doing your business.


From managing customers to providing great food, ambience and ensuring quality throughout, it is a pain in the neck to run a restaurant. The attentions to details in ensuring consistent quality, revenue and profit aren’t easy but with help of modern technology things are made easier.

The fact is that, such business had to deal with huge amount of data and with the help of software it is possible for them to modernise their operation without any issue.

Tracking employee performance and attendance is a painstakingly difficult task if you were to do it manually which is now replace by modern software which is well-managed system which in place reduces their time, costs and efforts in managing the workforce.

Innovation in software has also taken a leap with the help of such software customers get an opportunity to table reservation, online ordering, automatic billing, online payments which ultimately result in satisfying the customers. Tracking Sales is also challenging task From customers spending in cash and credit cards to account for expenses, taxes, and profits, you need a software that does it all for you. And we at Umang software technologies offer you such opportunity to develop the software and make your business function successfully.