“Effective use of technology is important to deliver healthcare by leveraging technology, you can bring down lack of access and cost of healthcare. The goal must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost effective way”

Today’s healthcare is very important part of our society and for a healthcare provider to do their job in effectual and resourceful manner is very challenging. In multi-speciality hospitals, lots of patients enter or exit in a day, it’s really challenging to maintain records of all patients manually. To reduce their burden or to manage hospital administration, financial or clinical aspects smart and modern technology is required.


Software’s help physicians and medical researchers discover, test and apply medical techniques in virtually every hospital in the world. The bio-electrical activity in the body can also be detected with the help of reliable software which allows doctors to search for physical and operational defects in patients without invasive surgery.
Patents admitted to a hospital are connected to machines that use vital statistics monitoring software to record blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level. These computers monitor a patient and programme to notify the staff in the event any of these statistics move outside of acceptable ranges.

Furthermore, technology provides an infrastructure to allow for medical ideas and knowledge to be filed and shared globally with other medical professionals. This allows for the diagnosis procedure to take less time, which can equate to increased results or a life-saving treatment.


Pharmaceutical is one of the most productive industries in medical field. They are the one that handles medicinal procedures and develop pharmaceutical drugs used in or day today lives specially by the people who are sick. This industry comes with lots of stored data and documentation that is needed in order to be effective information that is vital for the success of the development and production of drug. Software also plays an important role in controlling; managing, organizing and documenting information thus saves time and money.

Software are also used for research and development purpose which improves compliance and minimizes deviations by connecting instruments to electronic systems, so users don’t have to manually enter data. Business logic and rules can be used to create processes so data is automatically populated and fed into a central system in a format that makes it easier to be analysed, thus we at UMANG help you to develop software which plays an important role in pharmaceutical industry.