Android with all its amazing features can be adapted to adjust to the needs of users.
Android application development has exploded over the past couple of years and companies are quickly understanding the importance of having a presence in the Android Market to engage with customers and provide access to employees. With Google activating over 850,000 mobile devices per day, it is no surprise that Android has continued to outpace every other OS in the market.


Many operating systems have entered the market, but none has been as popular as Android, may be it is the Google effect or something else, however the fact remains, and that is it is so popular today that it occupies 50% of the mobile market. Consider the number of mobile devices in use today and that would be big, so huge that only a simpleton can ignore its magnitude if put to the right use.

Mobile applications have failed to keep pace with desktop applications in two areas like graphics/media and data storage due to limited memory and screen size of the mobile phones. Android addresses this graphics problem through its inbuilt 2D and 3D graphics, including Open GL library. On the other hand it has open source SQ Lite database which helps it to overcome the data storage problems.

Demand for Android applications is increasing rapidly, and, there is no way to beat the competition, but to enter the Android app development world. With all our experience, expertise and client focused attitude, we can be client’s best choice for Android programming.

UMANG’s Developers uses the latest Android software development kit to create custom software programs for development of various types of Android apps. The Android SDK has libraries, debugging programs, emulator and other tools, which enables UMANG’s Android developer to customize software for mobile apps. Since Android is based on Java, our Java programmers utilize the vast and rich Java libraries to develop Android software programs for your apps, so that they perform excellently on your Android phones and give you and your clients, complete satisfaction on personal and business front.